Salmon River Jet Backs & Shuttle Charters

General Shuttle Services

We provide general transport shuttles throughout the year for groups/individuals needing transportation on the Salmon River. Please inquire for pricing & availability via phone or email.

Jet Back and Jet Up Charters

as of 7.10.22 we are out of water for jet backs to Corn Creek.
We still have water for jet outs from 5 mile down to Vinegar Creek.

We run jet up and jet back charters from Spring Bar to Corn Creek when water level permits. To see a live view of our availability and request a charter date click on the button below👇🏻. The form will collect your trip information and payment info but you WILL NOT be charged until we have talked directly about your group size and where you want to be picked up. A retainer payment is required and it will be collected after we finalize the details of your jet up/jet back. If you would rather not use the online form you can email or call us directly.

Pricing + Weight for Jet ups & Jet Backs

Our boat can carry roughly 12 people and 4-5 rafts OR up to 25 people with personal bags. The number of people and/or rafts per boat is relative BUT a max load capacity of 5,000 pounds cannot be exceeded. If your group is over 5,000 pounds we can arrange a second boat through a neighboring outfitter. If you’re unsure of your groups size/weight PLEASE email before requesting a date online.

Spring BarCorn Creek$3,400
Carey CreekCorn Creek$3,200
Vinegar CreekCorn Creek$3,100
Long TomCorn Creek$3,100
Johnson CreekCorn Creek$3,100
California CreekCorn Creek$2,900
Shepp RanchCorn Creek$2,900
Mackay BarCorn Creek$2,700
Buckskin’s Corn Creek$2,700
South ForkVinegar Creek$1,300

Cancelation & Reservation Policy

A $800 reservation retainer is required to reserve a single boat shuttle date before July 1st. If your group size requires two boats the reservation retainer is $1,200.The reservation retain is non-fundable after May 1st.

If you are booking a shuttle after July 1st, we will hold your date without a retainer. You are encouraged to have a backup plan in place for July dates because dropping water level may prohibit your jet back from occurring.

If you cancel, the reservation retainer and all other payments made are non-refundable after April 1st. Any payments made before the date of cancellation can be transferred to another date in the same calendar year.

If we should have to cancel because of unpredictable circumstances (water level, fires, US Forest Service restraints etc) all payments will be refunded.

A jet up happens at the beginning of your trip and takes you up the river and then your float down to your vehicle. A jet back happens at the end of your trip and takes you back up the river to your vehicle.